SenchaCon 2015 – Design.Develop.Deploy

Okay, we are back to India and the jet lag is over too :-) Walking Tree sponsored SenchaCon (from 7th April to 9th April) for the first time and we were excited and happy to help audience in various ways – including solving their problems,

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Coding guidelines for the ExtJS developers

Introduction Walking Tree has been using ExtJS for more than 6 years. In addition, being associated with Sencha at training level we do see us responsible for helping the community in using ExtJS in the best possible ways. When we started using

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Mobile App Quality and need to consider overall User Experience

Problem Statement A lot of effort goes into developing mobile application and implementing new testing processes and methodologies. Often the goal of testing is to discover errors and get them fixed. While uncovering bugs and getting them fixed remains important,

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Adempiere Implementation Methodology used by Walking Tree

Introduction Any business has certain set of processes, which helps them to manage their core as well as general business need. Also, in order to run a business they have different types of resources, including human resources.  Business users and

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Your favourite HTML5 powered framework for enterprise web application development

Now people are not debating about HTML5 + Javascript VS Traditional / Native / Compiled approach. We all know the impact these two friends with CSS 3 have on our life. However, this has also enabled many companies / developers to throw many

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Sencha Tutorials – Upgrade

We upgraded SenchaTutorials in September and we are happy to say that people are liking it extensively. It gives us tremendous satisfactions to see number of registrations increasing every day and average time being spent by people is increasing consistently. This also clearly indicates to

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An Objective Walkthrough of Ext JS 5 Charts Architecture

Overview In the Sencha Ext JS 5 Charts Architecture blog we discussed about Sencha Charts that lays down the foundation for this article. In this article, we would pick up an existing chart implementation and make use of the described architecture to

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