Logs Monitoring Issues – 3 Tools, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana to Fix it!

Problem Statement – As production environment is getting more distributed and the numbers of servers are continuously increasing, maintaining their performance by continuously monitoring them through logs can be a big tedious job. The main problem comes into the picture

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WizarDroid.NET – A Deep Dive

In this tutorial we will deep dive into WizarDroid.NET and create a real world use case by developing a Customer Entry Wizard. WizarDroid.NET is an open source library that makes it simple to create wizard type interfaces in Xamarin.Android. In

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Data Ek Ram – an admiration to the importance of data

You attend any conference / seminar and you will hear the following things data is the God machines will outsmart people pretty soon (thank God, they say it will still take 30-40 yrs) decisions must be driven by data Having a

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Walking Tree is now a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner

We are excited to begin this partnership with Xamarin! Mobile is now core of any business strategy as companies recognize its power to transform not only customer relationship but also business process. A successful mobile strategy means delivering amazing mobile

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Introducing WizarDroid.NET – Create Wizards in Xamarin Android the easy way!!


Given how common it is to have Wizard type interfaces in applications, it is surprising to note that Android world lacks support for it out of the box.  WizarDroid.NET addresses this problem. Perhaps you want to capture user input in

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Toggle Button In ExtJS

Motivation I recently had the opportunity to work on a project for a new web application on the ExtJS framework. In the project we needed a toggle button similar to the style of Sencha Touch. During the development we learnt that

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Android Application using Polymer 1.0

In this article, we will go through the steps to create first Polymer 1.0 Android application using Polymer Starter Kit. This shall help us create applications in Polymer and package them as Android application, which can be installed and run on Android devices,

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