Nuances of dealing with Big Data using Hadoop Ecosystem – 2

Now since we have seen that the size of the data that we are dealing with is ‘Big’, we have to architect solutions to handle the size and still stay close to expectations in terms of processing times. One important capability

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Enterprise App Development – Ext JS vs Xamarin

The choice for the technology framework has never been easy, specifically, when the things are continuously changing to make programming easier and preferably redundant. There are a number of vendors competing with each other and then you have the amazing

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Challenges while working on Sencha Projects

We have been using Sencha Technologies since 2008 and you can imagine that we have been asked to get involved in various situations and at different stages of the projects. Over a period, we have seen product / customer’s team struggling with various

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Xamarin on-boards 7-10 million Java coders to build cross-platform native mobile apps

Xamarin and RoboVM

On 21st October 2015, Xamarin announced the acquisition of RoboVM, a swedish company that enables Java developers to create truly native apps for iOS and Android. While Xamarin had covered ~2.6 Billion devices (iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Phone) by

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Nuances of dealing with Big Data using Hadoop Ecosystem

Series of articles to have a Crisp source for understanding how to deal with Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem

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Logs Monitoring Issues – 3 Tools, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana to Fix it!

Problem Statement – As production environment is getting more distributed and the numbers of servers are continuously increasing, maintaining their performance by continuously monitoring them through logs can be a big tedious job. The main problem comes into the picture

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WizarDroid.NET – A Deep Dive

In this tutorial we will deep dive into WizarDroid.NET and create a real world use case by developing a Customer Entry Wizard. WizarDroid.NET is an open source library that makes it simple to create wizard type interfaces in Xamarin.Android. In

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