Setting up your Production-ready Polymer 1.0 Application Development

Any technology we choose to build our project, it is very important that our project lifecycle is managed with effective set of tools that make our overall project development efficient. Depending upon the technology, it may take a while, initially,

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Get Up and Running with Google Polymer 1.0 – In minutes!

Ever since Google announced the availability of production-ready Ploymer 1.0 in this year’s Google I/O, I wanted to try it out to see how far it has come as compared to its previous 0.5 & 0.8 versions and what does

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Using YQL Finance Data with Sencha Charts

  Problem Statement   Sencha Charts has got CandleStick Financial Chart. These charts need historical stock market data to draw the series in their own fashion. Most of the financial charts need historical data for a  stock and shall contain

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Image Upload using Ext JS TinyMCE editor

Problem Statement The TinyMCE editor has got lots of features, which are not available in Ext JS HTML Editor. So, most of the Ext JS developers choose TinyMCE editor to full fill their requirements. Ext JS plugin for TinyMCE editor,

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Sencha Touch native packaging for Android & OSX

Introduction Building a cross platform application became very easy after the introduction of integrations with Cordova / Phonegap with Sencha Touch after release of Sencha Cmd 5.x and Sencha Touch 2.3.x. Sencha Cmd uses the NodeJS and various Cordova commands for

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Create great looking Enterprise Dashboards using Sencha Ext JS 6

Introduction Every enterprise produces some or other dashboard for their people, their partners, and their customers. Dashboards have become standard and powerful tool to present information in one place. And, many applications provide a dashboard, as the starting place, to

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SenchaCon 2015 – Design.Develop.Deploy

Okay, we are back to India and the jet lag is over too :-) Walking Tree sponsored SenchaCon (from 7th April to 9th April) for the first time and we were excited and happy to help audience in various ways – including solving their problems,

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